Social Media marketing has officially taken its cornerstone as the new foundation of digital marketing. Not only critical to today's marketing and brand success but growing as well. This means we can expect Social reputation and success to have an even more significant impact on our overall digital marketing success. NGM Social Media marketing services include a full strategic plan for engaging the right Social channels with the right content at the right time. All too many marketers make mistakes with their Social marketing, ultimately hurting their brand more than helping it. NGM is full of innovative ways to build your brand and get your Social program to yield more sales and awareness. Going beyond the obvious big names like Facebook and Twitter, NGM Social marketing Services will extend your reach and have you engaging new groups and ultimately new customers.

  • Relevant industry Blog and Groups
  • Video exchanges / micro video sharing when applicable
  • Allow users to leave content in all forms site on your company Web site – This interaction is not only beneficial for your internal information purposes, but it also helps SEO rank.
  • Facebook: Content development and planning, linking, RSS aggregator feeds, Google Blog feed, engaging consumers and numerous other resources dependent upon client's objective and industry.
  • Secondary Major Social Channels: Twitter, LinkedIn, U-Tube, Google+ and Pinterest.
  • Many other Social Media sites depending on Industry and Goals, (like cafemoms, myspace).