Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the oldest forms of Internet marketing. Relied on by many small businesses and marketers who cannot afford heavy ad spending, SEO is becoming more important to all marketing departments. SEO was originally the practice of content, tags, keywords and linking to help your site achieve high organic search engine rankings – notably with Google, Bing and Yahoo. Now SEO is feeding off Social Media, PR releases and news than linking and other old forms of SEO. Major search engines like Google frequently "shake things up" to a great extent by re-calculating and determining values which lead to organic SEO ranks, potentially wiping out years of SEO-building work using the old techniques. Working with NGM for your SEO services will ensure a broad approach that minimizes risk while building your brands awareness using traditional tools as well as Social and PR.

  • Meta tags (proper use of keywords and page structure)
  • Title tags (relevant html title tagged keywords)
  • Linking: Back links, exclusive NGM Network linking, Association linking, Social linking and more.
  • Content: Relevant, engaging, concise, building recognition within your primary keywords as well as a broad reach to new ones.
  • Inter-site linking and proper site navigation / UX as per Google expectations.
  • Coordination with Social, PR development and News.
  • Set-Up Google Webmaster Tools
  • Keyword Use, primary & secondary keywords, using long tailed keywords to stand apart from your competitors.