Do you work in an industry where your reputation is directly correlated to your success? Have you had the unpleasant experience of the "unappeasable customer" - you know the one, no matter how well you accommodate them, they want something for nothing, and when you don't give in – they trash your good name and company for reasons few could understand. Have you sent requests to review sites and blogs asking to have the "slander" statements removed only to be told that you are interfering with people's right of free speech? This is all too common, and NGM can help – our solutions work fast. Plus NGM will provide a strategy for participating in industry associations – getting your spokesperson interviews, online conferences and other opportunities to make noise and participate in the growth of your industry.

  • Provide strategic proposal of key industry groups and associations that should be joined. Furthermore, we leverage our inside knowledge of many of these powerful, influential groups to provide clients w/ detailed instructions and a schedules of engagement and participation: Joining groups within the associations, groups-within-groups strategies, making informative speeches, reaching out to relevant members, approach strategies and more. Association seal and back links for enhanced site optimization and SEO rankings.
  • Consultation and Strategy on socially acceptable etiquette when participating in groups and posting to communities. (If you only sell and advertise – no one will listen to you and you could diminish your brand.)
  • Creating whitepapers and other contributions to the greater industry. Show your company is a leader among its peers.
  • Review boards, blogs and Social chatter must be monitored for negatives and strategies must be applied for reputation repair.