Now more than ever - Press Releases and news broadcasts are benefiting brands SEO and Social awareness. Using regular PR releases and news outlets plays a big impact on your brands marketing presence adding value and credibility. Depending on client objectives adding RSS feeds in or out can bring targeted traffic into your site and addition to helping with SEO and Social awareness. Not sure what's newsworthy – we can help. Our outstanding content writers can make the dullest of days seem like your business is dominating its industry.

  • PR broadcasting: Google Blog, RSS aggregators, search directories, news outlets, Yellow Pages,, Yahoo and many, many more.
  • Broadcast to major search engine directories – the relevant and effective ones for your industry.
  • Content creation and nurturing – There are numerous elements that must be added to a PR release in order for it to have maximum effect with digital reach, including compelling content and graphics, video relevant to the press release, and links to Social Media pages
  • News and Events Plan
  • Interviews and online conferences scheduled for your spokesperson
  • Micro video creation for marketing brands and pushing these out to relevant channels.
  • 2-5 min video creations for onsite