Leverage the knowledge of a marketing company that has spent millions on Adwords & Bing Pay-Per-Click for brands. Search Traffic is still one of the best and most effective channels of traffic – only if you know how to succeed in this very competitive bidding environment. Beyond the expertise of NGM, know that all NGM client accounts are under an umbrella account that receives special attention direct from Google. Get on the inside track, and leap from novice to master with NGM strategic & managed PPC services.

  • Account and Strategy Deployment: Campaign creation, ad group creation, text ad creation, image ad creation, keyword selections, content bidding strategy, search bidding strategy and more.
  • Exclusive strategies developed in-house for gaining a competitive edge in PPC Marketing: Long tailed keyword strategies, exploiting geo location advantages, targeted placements.
  • Comprehensive Reviews: Conversion exclusions, full report analyses, including direct account management with Google for all the best techniques and account strategies.