Optimized landing pages by NGM are created for Broad & Targeted Marketing Campaigns:

  • Web site development: Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Cake PHP & more, designed with Objectives at hand, UX (User Experience) strategy throughout site, Compelling Calls to Action, on page presenters and videos and much more.
  • Landing pages:
    • Theme
    • Target
    • Branding
    • Advertorial
    • Lead Generation
    • Warm Lead
    • Warm Visitor/Plant Seed
    • Monetize Immediately/Special Offer/Sales
    • Interactive/Social/Blog
    • extensive A/B testing and confirmation prior to ad spend.
  • Third Party Advertising on Site: Text ads, contextual ads, image ads, interstitial ads, video ads, close-out ads, custom techniques.
  • Outside Feeds: RSS feeds, news feeds, blog / group feeds / community feed.
  • Re-branding for Strategic Marketing: Logo & concept, vanity options, re-marketing for online sales, re-marketing for affiliate marketing.)

Optimized Landing Pages – Knowing your Objective and How to Optimally Target it:

Optimized landing pages: With over 100 landing pages developed for a single brand at NGM, we leverage our expertise in landing page development for our Managed Clients. Most clients are not alike, but there are three general goals that our clients have which we specialize in:

  1. Lead Generation: Get as many leads / subscribers as possible right from the start, then move visitor into client site.
  2. Pre-Heating the user (without collecting a lead): Depending on clients industry, we may use advertorials or articles, to form an impression on the user prior to arrival on home page. Then client typically has lead gen process onsite.
  3. Create brand loyalty and awareness: Use PR or news releases to advertise expertise in a field or show a recent community event – give the visitor a 'feel good' feeling as they enter your site.

Optimized landing pages by NGM can "plant a seed" in the mind of the visitors as they enter your site. Set the tone, the mood, the excitement in your visitor before they have arrived. NGM uses clever and innovative features on Web sites and landing pages to increase conversion rates and brand connection for advertisers.