Performance Advertising Tracking Platform


NGM Analytics was developed by NGM to better support our network of advertisers and publishers on a tracking platform that is Fast, Reliable, Easy and Efficient. Prior to NGM Analytics, the NGM Network worked with third party tracking systems. Unfortunately, these systems failed to measure up to NGM's expectations, with frequent downtime, reporting discrepancies, financial make-goods resulting from these third party systems failing.

NGM Analytics was designed to be easy to use as well as highly functional. Created for the principle demands of Affiliate Marketing and network partnerships, the platform is clear and intuitive. Network marketing partners of NGM can easily review reports in real time, anytime and break down sub affiliate partnership channels with ease.

NGM Analytics: Lets you be FREE to run your business

NGM Analytics Ad Tracking Platform - Phase 2 Development Underway

NGM Development is hard at work building the next phase of the NGM Analytics Platform. Soon clients can expect to see more features, reports, charts, and integration features with other aspects of their digital marketing. NGM's goal is to help shape the future of the digital performance marketing industry.

  • Fast!

    Receive real-time
    results in seconds!

  • Reliable!

    Accurate, spot-on

  • Easy!

    For Advertisers to
    integrate & start
    receiving traffic!

  • Efficient!

    Intelligent structure
    eliminating downtime
    & failures!

The NGM Network of Advertisers & Publishers Runs On NGM Analytics!