The NGM Performance Ad Network is powered by the NGM Analytics Ad Tracking Platform. This was developed internally at NGM to ensure our clients have the most reliable and accurate tracking technology supporting their campaigns. With easy implementation NGM Analytics tracking technology will enable your affiliate program to take flight within the NGM Performance Ad Network. All affiliates, publishers, ad agencies and media buyers also have full visibility into the NGM Analytics so they can also see all stats and reports in real time anytime. The NGM Performance Ad Network is a tightly managed network where publishers must be invited and are always being reviewed to ensure only the highest quality publishers drive traffic to your pages creating a huge opportunity to increase sales with essentially no risk: Pay-Per-Action Marketing.

  • Automatic approval & placement into the NGM Performance Ad Network: Your offer promoted within the NGM Network to gain increased traffic, immediate access to all of NGM Performance Ad Network's marketing channels: Huge Internal Email Inventory of NGM, placements through the NGM network of Web sites as well as through media buys and partner sites, NGM managed email lists and the affiliates of NGM performance Ad Network.
  • Increase sales and traffic to your site with essentially no risk. Pay only for defined results: CPC, CPA, CPL.
  • Build brand recognition among professional marketers with the NGM network and beyond.
  • Fast, reliable internally developed tracking analytics platform to ensure accurate reporting.
  • Go beyond the internal traffic channels of NGM with NGM partnership networks.

In Performance based Network Marketing your offer will compete with other similar offers from your competition. Media buyers and publishers select the offers that will result in the best return on their traffic. NGM's experienced team will work to ensure your campaign is successful within the Network.

NGM provides everything to help your brand benefit from the huge, "pay-only for measured results" industry of Network Marketing. NGM Performance Ad Network advertisers can expect their affiliate programs to be grown and nurtured over time. Having a successful long-term affiliate program requires in-depth knowledge and experience to motivate the best traffic sources to run NGM client offers.