Grow your sales exponentially with NGM!

NGM Marketing Services provides advertisers with complete digital marketing solutions encompassing Web development and all aspect of modern digital marketing. The NGM model is built on years of successfully building internal brands, technologies and network partnerships. Brands using NGM Marketing Services are able to quickly build leads, sales and Social Media awareness. Advertisers have the option to easily add NGM Marketing Services without disruption to their current strategy, or to start fresh with NGM.

A-Team Strategy Approach

Each managed client of NGM receives technical, strategic and creative input from Senior Members and Department Heads; the "A-Team". Developing a complete Web presence with marketing is complex and requires knowledge as to how each of these individual elements works together. The digital marketing world has changed dramatically over recent years – NGM has thrived with these changes by applying unique, original marketing strategies for successful online brands. There are many good Web development and marketing companies, but there are few that are truly great at both Web presence and marketing like NGM.

Selecting NGM is Easy

  • No need to END or change your current Web site or strategy (should you choose). The NGM process can run completely independent of your current structure.
  • No large upfront Fees – Our Web development and Marketing Plans are billed monthly; this is an ongoing process. Expect regular meetings and reviews full of constructive advice and constant additions to your program – digital marketing success is built month after month, year after year.
  • Expect original ideas, powerful Web pages and ads that will make a substantial difference for your brand.

The common "old" way of executing Web development and marketing strategy:

  1. Develop Web site from designers who make "good looking" pages.
  2. Create marketing and Social plan using "good looking" Web site or outsource to an online marketing agency.
  3. Struggle to make gains and brand awareness over competition. Money invested in ad spend seems to result in few conversions.

The "NGM" way:

  1. Plan Marketing & Social Strategy with end goals/objectives in mind.
  2. Build Web site, LP's and Social effects using the most up-to-date techniques to optimize site.
  3. Analyze Statistics and User Response, make changes where needed, stand out among your competitors and grow your online sales with ad spend that converts.

The NGM way is on ongoing process

  • With constant changes in marketing such as SEO rank changes, new Social groups – Today's digital marketing plan and Web site must be as dynamic as the evolving world around us. NGM is a team passionate about marketing and strategy. With backgrounds in traditional NYC ad agency marketing, International Marketing, NYC Finance, US Military, Digital marketing and many more.
  • While the bulk of work is done in first few weeks – there will be a lot of adjusting and adapting based on consumer engagement and expansion as more niches are targeted and Social Media programs are nurtured.
  • Keeping it fresh is key – expect new landing pages for top ad channels so your offers don't burn out - this is mandatory to be able to compete in performance based ad networks.
  • Social pages must be "Socially active", for most business this is a several times a day affair.
  • Regular meetings for review and analysis of strategy.

Clear Client Expectation Throughout process

  • Clients will have regularly scheduled reviews and consultations.
  • Clients can expect easy to understand advice and strategies that make sense.
  • The development process never ends (+ new landing pages, new Web pages, new Social groups, new email ads, daily Social interactions and more).