Boca Raton, Thursday, February 21,2013

New GetToInBox Email Marketing Sets New Standards of Email Delivery Success and Cost Effectiveness

GetToInBox announces the availability of a powerful new email platform created exclusively by professionals, for professionals , with an introductory offer of free mailings for a limited number of new clients and non profits

Professionals need a different kind of email provider; one that specializes in communications that drives profits. GetToInBox empowers mid-to-large advertisers and agencies with full-service, compliant and reliable commercial email marketing proven to get results. New technologies ensure easier usage, more effective delivery and lower costs.

GetToInBox Unique Advantages :

  1. Outstanding customer service, by experts in email marketing.
  2. Lower prices mean greater ROI.
  3. Get past spam filters with advanced technology
  4. Have confidence in fast, accurate reporting

Best Kept Secret Weapon:

Until now, this email platform, which was specifically developed to generate strong response rates, was a best-kept secret weapon in the turbulent email-marketing world. GetToInBox has quietly built an email delivery machine that has generated millions of responses and earned millions of dollars in sales revenues.

Unique Powerhouse Platform:

GetToInBox is now offering their unique powerhouse platform - GetToInBox - to marketers who are frustrated with low levels of inbox access, low rates of opens and click-through, and who want to spend less and produce more.

Special Introductory Offer:

Free mailings for a limited number of new clients and non-profits. Contact GetToInBox for details. Send an email today to: or call 1-800-833-2993. Visit us at

Data Dashboard For Faster, Better Decision-Making:

GetToInBox is built to monitor every aspect of the mailing and provides immediate access to the data the marketer's business depends upon. An easy-to-navigate dashboard provides an end-to-end data window, open to every aspect of the campaign, and informing decision-making in real time.

Built & Managed By Experienced Professionals:

The team behind GetToInBox has been creating successful email programs for more than five years, exclusively for email marketers. "Our knowledge gained from this level of trial-and-error, hands-on experience is unequalled and gives GetToInBox a big advantage over email providers that work mostly with individuals and groups sending out newsletters to a small list."

GetToInBox; Get More Opens & Click-Through:

"Our clients can have confidence that their emails will reach their target list and get higher open and click thru rates, because GetToInBox builds and delivers their campaigns with our unequalled power technologies."

"We understand the complexities of email marketing, from lead generation and list management to reaching, engaging and motivating your contacts. GetToInBox's advanced online Internet technology and supportive service teams are the best in the industry, giving credibility to our standard of By Professionals, For Professionals."

Contact GetToInBox today for free consultation and to benefit from our Special Introductory Offer of free mailings for a limited number of new clients and non-profits.

Send an email today to: or call 1-800-833-2993. Visit us at


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