GetToInBox Email List Management Services by NGM are a great solution for email list owners seeking to further monetize their data, or have their entire email marketing process managed. ISP's are becoming more restrictive, making it more challenging for marketers to get their email advertisements in user's inbox, not their spam folder, or blocked altogether. GetToInBox runs on its own platform developed at NGM, supported by IP's with great deliverability. NGM has many years of experience in perfecting email marketing and knows what it takes along with best practices to ensure optimal email list monetization with the highest level of ethical management.

  • Uncover the Full Value of your Data through GTI Email List Management Let us help you monetize your data to achieve maximum revenue potential through GetToInBox Data Management Solution.
  • Innovative approach to Email List Management GetToInBox Data Management Solution introduces an innovative approach to data management through delivery of high quality, relevant and engaging content to the best-targeted segment of your data to achieve the maximum potential revenue on every send.
  • As an email marketing professional You recognize that our industry has changed. Reduced inbox placement rates, reduced response rates and reduced revenue call for new methodologies
  • The Advantage of Unified Account Management! We know that your data is your most valuable asset; thus we have dedicated Data Managers assigned to each account to provide for consistent and effective daily lead nurturing and monetization.
  • More Offers! Better Offers! From the widest potential range; you are not limited to the offers listed directly within our NGM network.
  • Increase Revenue w/ Fixed EPC Offers! We know from experience you can count on 50% to 100% more revenue from your data, while protecting and solidifying your contacts.
  • Experience, Experience, Experience! Our team of dedicated professionals has over 50 years of combined marketing experience both in offline and digital space, email deliverability, design and software development and advertising!
  • Powered By NGM Analytics! Real time tracking and data analytics.
  • Start Monetizing Your Data Today! Let our GetToInBox Data Management Team take your online marketing to the next level. You bring the data, we do the work!


It has been a pleasure working with NGM Marketing right from the outset. Their methods are structured and organized. Our contact is friendly and professional. They provide clarity and explanations on results. They also provide excellent reporting and timely payments. We appreciate the relationship and look forward to growing together with them.

Eric Himy - President, Dream Direct LLC