Network Marketing Advertiser

Advertiser: DCV, LLC

Objective: Acquire as many Leads and Clicks that can result in sales for their clients.

Challenges: Advertiser previously relied on numerous affiliate networks and media brokers to drive traffic to their webpages. Advertiser regularly dealt with poor quality traffic and inconsistent volume from those sources which did delivery quality traffic.

Innovative Solutions Used by NGM for DCV, LLC

Advertiser's offers were immediately placed in the NGM Performance Ad Network. From day 1 advertiser began receiving hundreds of leads from large email blasts done through NGM. NGM added advertisers offer to regular email schedule ensuring large weekly lead volumes.

But, advertiser needed more leads. Not a problem, NGM placed advertiser's links throughout the NGM network of internally managed websites creating a steady and diverse flow of new traffic.

Advertiser wanted more leads! No problem for NGM – advertiser got promoted to outside partners creating a flow of affiliate traffic increasing lead generation by up to 50% at times.

NGM Performance Ad Network is proud to support DCV, LLC by providing 247 reliable leads they can count on to support their business.