Marketing Services Advertiser

Advertiser: Next Job at Home – an Internet Career & Lead Generation Company

Objective: Get as many leads, subscribers as possible to opt-in from website

Challenges: Next Job at Home is in the "Careers" industry which is extremely competitive, and where it is challenging to get quality traffic at an affordable price where the ROI in ad spend leaves sufficient room for a margin of profitability.

Innovative Solutions Used by NGM for Next Job at Home

(Note: Please keep in mind that the solutions used for Next Job at Home brand below may not be suitable for your brand. Different audiences require very different styles and strategies based on target markets and advertiser objectives.)

Web Development

#1 Targeted Optimized Landing Pages

  • A Lead generation page is only as good as its conversion rate. To Next Job at Home, the conversion rate is critical. NGM analyzed Next Job at Home landing page conversions in different marketing environments to solidify top converting pages in our target markets. By producing a variety of different pages, Next Job at Home is able to appeal to a broader audience.

#2 The "Art of Attraction"

  1. Beautiful, head turning imagery and people
  2. Custom artistic, stylistic and technical effects
  3. Targeting through appropriate attraction techniques

#3 Powerful & Compelling Calls to Action

It's not a matter of telling users what to do, but giving them a compelling reason to take action on their own. For Next Job at Home, NGM uses dramatic calls, tempting even the most reserved user to have interest in their brand.

#4 Live Video presenters

  1. Sample presenter "Jessica"
  2. Next Job at Home increased conversion rates from between 5% - 15% adding walk-out presenters like "Jessica" on its landing pages.
  3. "Jessica" could be your spokesperson or that could be you or a celebrity endorser to present your brand.

#5 Robust infrastructure that could support thousands of daily leads with no down time

  • Most marketers take for granted what goes behind their Web sites; supporting and powering it. Next Job at Home's platform is rock solid with customized scripts alerting to any irregularities with infrastructure or traffic. Initially Next Job at Home struggled with down times and issues outside of their control. Now Next Job at Home has redundancies supporting dozens of landing pages generating thousands of daily leads and millions of monthly webpage impressions.

Marketing Development

#1 Next Job at Home's Adwords & Bing PPC Marketing (Google Comes to Us!)

  • Get stats on spend history, # of campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads...
  • Long-Tailed keywords earning NJAH an average 4 position on page 1 among over 16,000 keywords! That's coverage! (This is why Google sends strategic managers to NGM in Boca!)
  • Next Job at Home geo-targeting for the best areas and keywords (This ups your score without your paying more)
  • Next Job at Home performed ad testing and optimization for 6-8 months until account reached sweet spot and is still growing and evolving today.
  • Direct Google Input – Dedicated account management, so nothing is missed, will ensure a long-term successful PPC program for Next Job at Home.

#2 Powerful Network Marketing Program

  • Thousands of leads are generated daily through the NGM performance ad network for NJAH. Using the vast inventory of optimized, targeted landing pages NJAH has built a reputation among industry publishers, like media buyers and emailers, for having top converting pages, and for having new pages regularly appear keeping NJAH brand interest high.

#3 Excellent Email Marketing & Newsletter Program

  • Next Job at Home keeps a loyal following due to quality content found in its newsletters along with highly relevant and targeted ads.
  • To ensure great inbox delivery of Next Job at Home newsletters and ads, NGM closely monitors subscriber engagement and response, managing the members in the user-friendliest manner.
  • With relevant content, ads that are engaging and useful to the members and outstanding inbox delivery, Next Job at Home crushes its competition with email marketing through NGM.

#4 New Growth Through Social Marketing

Now receiving several hundred new "Likes" each month, the Facebook page for Next Job at Home, is taking flight. Here are just a few of the things Next Job at Home is doing with Social Marketing through NGM to achieve over 3,500 unsolicited likes in just over 1 year of social development:

  • Providing a new daily offer; in this case an exclusive job post, so active members check back to Next Job at Home's Facebook Fan Page daily.
  • Creating content on other Web sites that links back to Next Job at Home's Facebook page.
  • PR and news releases involving the Next Job at Home brand in direct relationship to its social page
  • Developed a strong following with Pinterest using creative images to promote interest in the Next Job at Home brand via the strong female audience of both Next Job at Home and Pinterest followers.
  • Next Job at Home has a daily practice of engaging the followers of their social pages – this is building their brand credibility because when they respond quickly to their subscribers and groups – those members will know we care and want to help, critical for social reputation growth.

With the web development and marketing services of NGM Performance Ad Network, Next Job at Home is a top Web site in its industry with now over 4 million subscribers in just 5 years.