Experience The Difference: Advertise with NGM

NGM is among the most successful online advertisers, generating thousands of leads each and every day for its internal brands.
NGM Advertisers benefit in several ways:

  1. reaching our internal email audience
  2. reaching our network of Web sites
  3. reaching our managed email lists
  4. reaching our affiliate marketing partners
  5. using the NGM experience for strategy and consulting
  6. using the exclusive NGM lead generation process.

No need for network publishers to pick up your offer - at NGM, traffic can start with our own brands and managed email list sources. NGM operates its own landing pages, collecting thousands of opt-in leads daily. This is the basis for the NGM internal email program that benefits advertisers looking for performance-based email marketing. With virtually no risk, advertisers only pay-per action – CPC, CPL & CPA – depending on the terms of the campaign.

In addition to the internal email and web placement traffic resources, the NGM Performance Advertising Network is made up of only top tier publishers and media buyers. NGM partners with only the best and most reputable Networks and Affiliates, ensuring our partner’s traffic is as successful for our advertisers as NGMs. It took years to build a network of consistent, quality publishers that can deliver thousands of daily visitors for our advertisers. We take great pride in the quality of traffic delivered for our advertisers.

NGM works with new advertisers to help them succeed in the pay-per-performance industry, giving guidance and suggestion throughout to ensure a successful campaign. Also, NGM offers a special lead generation program designed to help advertisers increase online leads, sales and awareness quickly and cost effectively.

Advertisers looking for a complete digital marketing solution, such as: Website & Landing Page Development, Social Marketing, PR, News Feeds, SEO and total online brand strategy - please click here for NGM Marketing Services

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