NGM - Our Story

NGM was created by Isaac Klein in 2010 as the performance based marketing industry was beginning to develop. Seeing the potential of the performance-based model, Klein began creating powerful lead generation landing pages to generate what would be millions of opt-in leads, providing the foundation of the NGM Performance Ad Network.

NGM Through the Years

The Beginning: Building the Database

The founding concept was to build a large, qualified database. NGM launched Next Job At Home, with offers of legitimate work-from-home opportunities for people who want to earn part-time or full time incomes. Collecting only verified, opt-in free subscribers, the NGM database today is over 4 million and growing. Every month, millions of emails are delivered to this engaged and motivated audience.

For Advertisers

NGM today is among the most successful online advertisers, generating thousands of leads each and every day for its internal brands. NGM Advertisers benefit in several ways: 

  1. reaching our internal email audience
  2. reaching our network of Web sites
  3. reaching our managed email lists
  4. reaching our affiliate marketing partners
  5. using the NGM experience for strategy and consulting
  6. using the exclusive NGM lead generation process.

For Publishers

With over 100 pages created for a single NGM brand — we know a few things about getting pages to convert! NGM publishers love the NGM landing pages. With dozens of top converting landing pages, many just email submits, it's hard to find traffic that does not convert. NGM is always turning out fresh, new pages, keeping EPC's high and revenue growing month after month. In addition, publishers gain access to several exclusive offers only found through direct publisher relationships with NGM!

NGM Analytics: The NGM Tracking Platform

NGM advertising network is powered by NGM Analytics, NGM's proprietary technology. In addition to ensuring more effective implementation of advertising, NGM Analytics empowers marketers with accurate real time results of their campaigns.

Meet the Team

NGM's team consists of upbeat talented professionals who thrive in the fast-paced and culturally diverse environment of our company! We are a fun and crazy bunch from all parts of the world and different backgrounds, and who share the same passion for marketing and technology! We are creative, innovative and hardworking! Our primary focus is our clients and we take pride in the work that we do for them on a day-to-day basis. Please let us know how we can help you!